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International INBA Fitness competition

Location: Debrecen, Sports-court in Oláh Gábor street
Address: 4032, Debrecen, Oláh Gábor street 5.

Accomodation opportunity:
The competition is open for every INBA Global competitor included the new ones too.
Date: 17thMarch 2018.
The main organizers: Vezér Fitness Debrecen and INBA Hungary
Competent jury: 6 members
Registration-fee: 1500 HUF
Ticket price: 1700 HUF
The enter is free for children aged under ten with parental control.
Coach/Helper ticket: 1 coach is allowed to enter free into the backstage per every 5 competitors.

Registration process:

Step 1:
Registration online:  1th January 2018 - 10th March 2018:
Step 2:
Personal registration
Date: 16th March 2018 (Friday), 16:00- 19:00
Address: Vezér Fitness, 4031, Debrecen, Böszörményi road 150. (Enter from Vezér street)
The competition starts at 10:00.

Proposed categories:

Children and junior categories

: individual, duo, trio, team

Age group: age group assignment is as seen below:
I.age group        
2012 and younger        
II. age group        
III. age group        
IV. age group        
V. age group        
VI. age group        
Junior-Fitness   classic
From age 15- 17
Junior-Fitness   classic
From age 17- 19
Junior-Fitness   classic
From age 19- 20
Fitness classic,   Women’s
From age 20- 25
Fitness classic,   Women’s
From age 25- 30
Fitness classic,   Women’s Age 35+
For duo, trio, and teams, the age of the oldest member counts.

You can enter more than one category.

Fort he competitors who enter both individual and duo, trio or team categories, the registration-fee is 1500 HUF for the individual and 500 HUF for the duo, trio or team category.

Organizers reserve the right to merge or to cancel a category with insufficient number of registered contestants.
Fitness classic Women’s categories: From age 20- 25
                                                                  From age 25- 30
                                                           Age 35+

In junior and women’s categories:

First round: 90-105 seconds exercise (70% of the points can be given)
Second round: rutin round (T-WALK) in formal dress (30% of the points can be given)

Photo of the formal dress:

The competition is designed only for competitors who prepared by using natural techniques and natural nutrition without the use of any substances harmful to one’s health.

INBA Global Kids and Junior Fitness Contest Rules (2017)

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